CCTV is recognised as an effective deterrent factor as well as providing a good visual identification in both internal and external applications. Create a safer, more secure environment by the installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

CCTV Systems

With increasing public awareness of the threats of terrorism, assault, vandalism and theft, security is a higher priority than ever for for public authorities as well as commercial organisations.

Attivo provide a variety of different systems to suit all types of application. From internal surveillance, fully controllable external installations and the latest in IP technology. You’ll find Attivo are able to offer the best advice and solution for your security requirements.

Whether you are looking to expand your existing CCTV system or create an all new networked based monitoring solution with powerful image distribution and control capabilities, Attivo can enhance the value of your current investments while delivering flexible new monitoring possibilities.

We are able to provide software packages that allow with the uses of specific DVR’s/NVR’s, mobile device viewing of live and recorded video stream. The DVR can be configured such that alarms may call the phone and bring up live images automatically or emailed.

Attivo are able to offer full system designs including central stations monitoring multiple camera sites and installations, and the latest in IP based infrastructure providing end users numerous benefits over conventional CCTV installations. IP Systems represent the future of CCTV.

Typical Applications

Hotel / Leisure
Military & MOD
Data Centres
Waste Management & Recycling