Emergency Voice Communication Systems

Attivo are able to provide addressable emergency voice communication systems that allows disabled refuge, fire telephones, emergency/steward telephones and disabled toilet alarms to be connected to one master control panel.
To avoid hoax calls, the disabled refuge remotes are ‘in standby’ until the master panel is triggered by the fire panel during an emergency. However, the remotes can be set to be permanently active if this is preferred.

All remote units are self-powered from the circuit.

Standard style remote:

  • Red or stainless steel finish
  • Surface mountable (optional flush mount bezel available)
  • Speech steered, digital audio
  • Plasterboard backbox available
  • IP66 rated enclosure available
  • Reset at either master panel or remote

Advanced disabled refuge remote:

  • Green finish
  • Induction loop, Braille, tactile and luminescent text
  • Surface or flush mount versions available
  • Speech steered, digital audio
  • Reset at either master panel or remote